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Big Teapot
Big Teapot

Taken at Clown Slam in UfaFabrik, Berlin.

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nose of wax

Someone or something that can be easily influenced or changed. You need to set some boundaries if you want them to stop treating you like a nose of  wax! He is not just a nose of wax for you to bend to your whims.

 I used to live with my Great Aunt and I enjoyed watching Countdown together (we were both rubbish). It   got me looking up old phrases. One day I came across this one and I thought easily influenced or   changed describes my approach to being a artist very well. So even though this was originally used to   describe something negative, i figured, language is fluid depending on how people use it, Maybe I can   re-invent this old saying. Which would demonstrate how the phrase now of wax can be a nose of wax.

 I'm also on a mission to have Nose of Wax easier to search for than people waxing their nose hair. Guys   this is a terrible idea. It's there to fight against diseases. If it's too long then trim it.





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